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 Combo Smoker

  • We have often been asked about the need to have both wood chips and wood chunks available during a cooking event.
  • Questions range from when is it appropriate to use one type of product over the other, when can you use both products at the same time, and do the wood products have any other purpose other than to generate smoke?
  • In answering these questions, it is safe to say that wood chunks and chips can be used interchangeably during wood-fired cooking techniques including hot smoking.
  • If you have a cooker that will allow the use of both products, than you can add flavour via both methods: 2-3 smoker wood chunks and a handful of smoking wood chips.
  • But another important use for wood chips is to generate heat. When the cooker begins to lose temperature, applying a handful or two of un-soaked wood chips to the existing charcoal will quickly raise the temperature of the cooker.
  • Additionally, many people own more than one piece of grilling equipment.
  • Therefore, our Combo Smoker is an easy way to keep wood product available for both the gas/LP grill as well as the charcoal/wood smoker or grill.
Our smoker wood chips are sorted through sizing screens to eliminate the residual dust/flour from our manufacturing process.

 "The Full Combo Smoker"

Wood Chunks(Double Filet) and Chips Full Cube

$66.35 CAD


Approximate Volume = 1 cubic foot


Mixture contains up to four wood

types which will be labeled

and packaged separately in boxes.

If you desire specific species of

wood, please specify your choices

in the Wood Selections boxes

Our Particle Separation System provides accurate sizing of chips to eliminate the bigs and the smalls! Leaving only the correct sized wood chip.
The Combo Smoker
Selection 1 or Single
Selection 2 Double or (None)
Selection 3 (Full Only)-None otherwise
Selection 4 (Full Only)- None otherwise
Contact Telephone # (format: xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Special Shipping Instructions
Two hands are holding the Cherry wood single filet as we push this thru the fileting process and split into a double filet! 

Tip--please store your unused wood in a cool, dry location making sure to allow the wood to breathe. The best way to ensure good air circulation is to keep the original carton open, punching some tiny holes on all sides of the box for proper ventilation.

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Smokinlicious® uses Oneida air dust collection to collect our machinery’s saw dust.  This vacuum system provides uncontaminated saw dust product


Canada Postal Ground Shipping (all Provinces) is Included in our Pricing (Average shipping time is 2-6 days).

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