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As with all our gourmet wood products at Smokinlicious, our Barrel Smoker Logs are derived from only the heartwood of the tree. Our Full-Size Logs are CUT,not fileted, to 12-inch lengths and have a variable width that is dependent on the specific species of wood. These widths can range from 3.5" to 8". The height of the logs will be 3.5" or 4" (Wild Cherry, Alder, Sugar Maple, Ash, Hickory Red and White Oak and Beechwood). The Full-Size Logs are perfect for the mobile cooker, barrel-style cooker, and commercial cookers.

For a firebox that is at least 4"Hx6"Wx14"L, try our 1/4 Cut Log. Still derived from that premium, clean-burning heartwood, this cut was developed as a result of YOU, our customers, request!

Start enjoying the benefits of 100% bark-free, chemical-free, heartwood when you order one of our premium log species:

"1/4 Cut Log"
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1/2 cubic foot Box

The 1/4 cut Logs are approximately1-1/16"H X 3-1/2"W X 12"L, with a pretty precise cut on each order. Perfect for those cookers with a firebox of a least.

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"Full Log Cut"
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1 cubic foot Box

The full Logs are approximately 3-1/2"-4"H X 4" to 8"W X 12"L in size. The width of the log will vary according to species of wood. Especially good for offset smokers.

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"Friction logs"

We manufacturer our "Friction logs" in Oak, ( red or white), Wild Cherry, Sugar Maple, Hickory, Ash, Alder and Beechwood

Available in any custom size for your application, or the standard sizes:

40 x 40 x 950mm
80 x 80 x 950mm
80 x 100 x 950mm

You'll experience a longer burn time with our logs, cleaner smoke, and greater flavor! Kick the firewood habit!! Go bark-free!! "Friction log"
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sold by pieces on a pallet

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All orders custom cut to meet your specifications.

Custom Moisture levels can be developed for your application.

Products carry USDA export certification.

Please call 1-800-941-5054,

or e mail us at info@smokinlicious.ca for more information and pricing.

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