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Even if you've purchased one of the worst cuts of meat, you can still produce a tender, flavourable meal. By incorporating smoke into the cut of meat, poultry, or fish, you unlock all the senses during mealtime.

At SmokinLicious, we've taken the hard work out of selecting wood chunks that are appropriate for smoking foods. Wood selection is essential to completing what is known as the barbecue triangle: heat, smoke and time. In particular, we pride ourselves on that fact that we are able to offer seven wood types: Wild Cherry, with its mild, sweet flavouring; Sugar Maple, with a more intense sweet flavour; Red and White Oak, the most pungent of all the hard woods similar in flavour to mesquite; Ash, an exceptional wood that is derived from the olive wood family; Hickory, a moderate intensity of flavour for those who crave a nut-based flavour; Alder, the lightest of the hardwood flavours ideal for fish and fragile food items;

Our wood chunks have a consistent sizing to them to make cooking with wood easy!

Our woods, after splitting, have approximately 20-30% moisture content. However, you can pre-soak the chunks in the liquid of your choice, if desired. These woods will create smoke, not fire, and are intended for smoldering.

Please store your unused wood in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight.

Any special message regarding your order should be typed in the box with your phone number listing!!

NEW! We are now offering a 2 hardwood mixture carton! Place your order in "The Half Wood Mixture" shopping cart and be sure to note the 2 woods you would like in the carton!!

A recent testimonial provided to SmokinLicious by Chris S. of Regina, SK :

I really appreciate the great customer service and the personal touch. I love your products and can't go back to crappy box store chunks. I recommend SmokinLicious to all of my barbecue pals!

A recent testimonial provided to SmokinLicious by Bill Z. Merville, BC :

I'm really pleased with the product. Nice clean smoke and plenty of it ... and with no bark I'm not cooking in a bug crematorium either.

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"The Half"

14,158 cc (1/2 cubic foot)

Approximately 6.8kg (14 lbs).

Select Wood Type
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Shipping - Included
(All Provinces)Handling charge of $ 1.50 will be added

"The Half" Wood Mixture

14,158 cc (1/2 cubic foot)

Approximately 6.8kg (14 lbs)
Wood Selections:Contact phone number for shipping:

Shipping - Included
(All Provinces)Handling charge of $ 1.50 will be added

If you would like a quote for specially cut chunk sizes or quantities, please fax us @ 716-372-0439, call 1-800-941-5054 or Info@smokinlicious.ca.

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