Smokinlicious Canada is a site dedicated to providing premier North American hardwoods to Canadian Grillers, Smokers and ember cooking chefs
Our Smoker Blocks are out largest chunk offering!  These large blocks are when the standard wood chunks are too small for your grill! 

Smoking Wood Blocks

sketch of our smoking wood blocksThe smoking wood block is the largest of the SmokinLicious® series of cooking wood chunks.


Our husky sized 102mm x102mm x 153mm (4”x4”x6”) smoking wood blocks are the ideal flavour forming attractions for off-set smokers with larger fire boxes, open pits and hog cookers.  The long, slow burning feature of our wood blocks for smoking saturates food with pulsed releases of rich hardwood smoke, forming layers of awesome flavour!




Our familiarity of wood is far-reaching and inclusive! Precision millling on our equipment Smoking wood blocks are milled expertly by a SmokinLicious® skilled work force, producing a dense piece of wood while maintaining the grain integrity of the all hardwood. Our milling process seals a the sides of the piece to provide a long lasting burn time, which boosts the wood’s flow of nutrients and moisture- key elements for supplying rich, natural flavours to foods during a long  fire and smoke.



                                                           sketch of our smoking wood blocksSmokinLicious® smoking wood blocks, just like our entire line of wood chunks for grilling and smoking wood chunks, are available in 8 different hardwood species, including the ever-popular alder wood chunks, cherry wood chunks, maple wood chunks and oak wood chunks.


 $74.68 CAD

1 cubic foot Box


The blocks are approximately 102mm x102mm x 153mm (4"x4"x6") in size, with some being larger (depending on the center cut of the log). Especially good for offset smokers. Mixture contains two wood types which will be labeled and packaged separately in the box. If you desire a mixture of hardwoods, please specify your 2 choices in the second choice.

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Smokinlicious® is committed only to the production of culinary quality smoker wood products! We produce NOTHING else! Only the best for you!

Tip--please store your unused wood in a cool, dry location making sure to allow the wood to breathe. The best way to ensure good air circulation is to keep the original carton open, punching some tiny holes on all sides of the box for proper ventilation.

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Canada Postal Ground Shipping (all Provinces) is Included in our Pricing (Average shipping time is 2-6 days).

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  All wood-fired products for smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking. Only Forest Fresh wood used in all our products.