Smokinlicious Canada is a site dedicated to providing premier North American hardwoods to Canadian Grillers, Smokers and ember cooking chefs
Our wood chunks are filleted into the Single (largest) and the Double ( smaller)!  This process preserves the fiber flavors of the smoker wood.
Two hands are holding the Cherry wood single filet as we push this thru the fileting process and split into a double filet! 

Wood Chunks for Smoking


Best wood chunks for smoking in 8 hardwood Species!

Alder, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Red Oak, Sugar Maple,White Oak, Wild Cherry


leaf from the trees we harvest Popular with executive chefs, commercial cooks and backyard grillers, our wood chunks have the very best features forfood smoking processes to deliver unsurpassed flavour.  Their consistent burn time allows for a penetrating smoke vapor, seasoning food with an appealing combination of rich color and supreme taste.  Your eyes, sense of smell and taste buds will all work in harmony to savor the full-bodied flavours delivered by our wood chunks!




leaf from the trees we harvest Like all our products, SmokinLicious® wood chunks for smoking are 100% hardwood and free of bark, chemicals or impurities. one which has earned us the coveted Kosher quality certification.  You won’t find a higher mark of quality in the food industry!




hand fileting of our wood chunks symbolWe know wood!  It’s this intimate knowledge of wood’s many factors that drives us to cater to only the best, safest cooking and smoking means to perk up your food!  From this standard, our wood chunks for smoking are carefully hand fileted- a meticulous process that yields a clean, splinter-free cut which maintains the grain integrity of natural hardwood.  To a large extent, the wood’s grain bolsters its flow of nutrients and moisture- key factors for releasing rich, natural flavours to foods when fired.




hand fileting of our wood chunks symbolSmokinLicious® hand fileted wood chunks for smoking come in three sizes- single filet, double filet & smoking wood blocks.  All sizes have your choice of eight different hardwood species, including the always popular oak wood chunks, reddish cherry wood chunks, sweet maple wood chunks, and soft tasting alder wood chunks.


Not sure which sizes are best for your equipment?  No problem!  We can dial in specialty sized, all hardwood smoking wood chunks that best works with your gear!  See our Match your Cooker pages of equipment or use our chatbot!



 Dr Smoke logoWe describe SmokinLicious® wood chunks for smoking, as the “Blue Chip! You be the judge!


our flavor guide reviews the smoky taste profiles of the 8 North American Hardwoods that we offer for sale.

Go to Match your Cooker for suggestions on products for your cooker!

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 Wood-fired cooking has expanded beyond traditional BBQ as equipment for both the home user and the commercial kitchen has evolved.  Smoke vapor is another means of changing the dynamic of a food, ingredient, and beverage by giving a distinct flavour and color to all things smoked.


When equipment calls for smoker chunks of wood, we’ve got a culinary smoker wood chunk to meet that need.  These are no ordinary smoking wood chunks!  Our "culinary" grade grilling and smoking wood chunks are derived from our special hand-fileting process, that allows us to offer two (2) different sizes: Single Filet (3.5” wide x 4” length) and Double Filet (2” wide x 3” length).


What is fileting?  It is our custom splitting process that works with the natural grain of the woods to produce a splinter-free, clean ‘filet’ cut.  The result?  Grilling and smoking wood chunks that are ready for use and uniform in sizing.  All you need to do is select the size based on the equipment to be used.


You’ll know all about your grilling and smoking wood purchased from SmokinLicious® as we provide the smoking wood moisture reading, at the time of packaging verifying that you are getting the freshest product available!  Plus, we give you tips on how to store your wood so it remains fresh and ready for use.


With 3 carton sizes to meet your needs and up to 3 hardwoods in each carton, you can customize your smoking and grilling wood!  No need to purchase separate quantities of each hardwood!  Simply select the carton size, type in the smoking wood selections you want where indicated even if you just want one box of all one wood type.


That’s it!  With 8 hardwoods to choose

there’s something for everyone!

Alder, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Red Oak, Sugar Maple,

 White Oak, Wild Cherry,

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  All wood-fired products for smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking. Only Forest Fresh wood used in all our products.